Susanna Joseph

Susanna Joseph

Susanna Joseph

UX UI Designer / Professional Artist

Susanna Joseph is a Passionate Professional Artist and Teacher of art for more than 15 +years . Works on all different mediums , OIL, Watercolors, Charcoal, Pastels, Acrylic, and on different art styles like Tanjoor art , Landscape, and Wall graphics and also Jewelry design, to name a few. Always eager to try out different mediums and styles and mix between them.

She is largely a, self-taught artist, took her introduction into art at Chitra Kala Parishad and developed herself along with her professional life.

In her professional life she worked in a variety of areas now presently works at Bosch (for 13 years) as a UI UX (User Interface and Experience) Designer.

Now associated with Bangalore Drawing room for the past 2.5+ years conducted more that 60+ workshops across the city and teaching different form of painting to different age groups and wide variety of audiences.

She believes everyone has a creative side to themselves , some of them not aware of it. She loves to help them discover this and enjoys along with them when they discover the creative side of themselves.


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